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Dear clients,


We are an experienced tour operator and a passenger transport provider with own 6 room Bed & Breakfast located in Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic).

Cesky Krumlov is indeed our raison d'etre and therefore the vast majority of our tours, shuttles and private transfers operate either to or from Cesky Krumlov making it the focal point of our activities.

This is still in line with the objectives set at the beginning of 2006 when as a bunch of enthusiastic travellers we decided to settle down and establish a company in order to facilitate to bring the world to Cesky Krumlov and Cesky Krumlov to the world. And also to support the social and economic development of our town and our region.

We were the pioneers in providing day trips to the tourism jewels around Cesky Krumlov (castles, ruins, abbeys, UNESCO sites etc.) and in what we started to call „Sightseeing transfers“ - door to door transfers with stops at various points of interest in the Czech republic and central Europe.

Through thick and thin SEBASTIAN TOURS & TRANSPORT continues to play its critical role and still remains the key player in providing regular shuttle service and private passenger transfers as well as day tours to the surroundings of Cesky Krumlov. While other shuttle companies come and go with the season or simply pull out of the market when demand is not sufficient; we once again come in and add capacity to ensure that we bridge the gap and provide more flexibility for your travels.

We are honoured to continue to be the preferred tour operator of thousands of clients per year who choose to go with us. This goal has been reached by running our agency on sound business principles and our resilience and commitment to YOU - our clients.

And it is because of your continued support and loyalty that within a few short years we have got our name to various travel sites and guidebooks across the globe from the USA and Canada through Asia & Australia to South America. (Lonely planet, Rick Steve´s....among others)

Thank you for allowing all of us at SEBASTIAN TOURS & TRANSPORT to be of service to you and welcome you aboard.






We are always happy to receive your feedback so that we can offer better services to our future customers.

Last minute section

26.2.2015 09:00 am
Cesky Krumlov - Salzburg
price: 1490,-CZK / person

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26.2.2015 09:00 am
Cesky Krumlov - Hallstatt
price: 1490,-CZK / person

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26.2.2015 09:00 am
Cesky Krumlov - Obertraun
price: 1490,-CZK / person

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26.2.2015 12:40 pm
Hallstatt - Cesky Krumlov
price: 57 EUR / person

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26.2.2015 12:40 pm
Obertraun - Cesky Krumlov
price: 57 EUR / person

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